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Whether you are starting C Programming now and want to try a new IDE, or you are shifting from an IDE like CodeBlocks, you might want to give CLion a shot. And yes, Even though CLion gives a 30 day trial for normal users, if you are a Student or a Teacher, I’ll tell you exactly how to download CLion Full Version for Free for 1 year.

If you have done some C programming, you’ve probably used CodeBlocks as a starter. But then you realize you need a more powerful tool. That’s when CLion shows its colours.

Registering for an Educational License at JetBrains

You can apply for a license using several methods, but we’ll go on with the email method because that’s really easy.

  • Select UNIVERSITY EMAIL ADDRESS for the Apply with: field.
  • Click Apply now
  • Fill the form with your appropriate details.

Remember to use the email address given to you by your university in the Email address: field

  • Now happily click on APPLY FOR FREE PRODUCTS

If you have successfully completed those steps, you should receive an email to your email address given to you by the university. The email will have the subject JetBrains Educational Pack confirmation

  • Click on follow this link

Your license in now activated. But there’s one more step before you can enjoy a whole year of CLion.

Creating a JetBrains Account

  • On the JetBrains website, in the Sign Up section, enter an email (preferably your frequently using email like Gmail)
  • Check your mail (Gmail) for a message with subject Complete your account registration
  • Click on Confirm your account

Then you are taken to another page at JetBrains website, where you have enter some information.

  • Fill in the form with appropriate details
  • Enter a username and a password that you remember (We’ll be using these to activate our CLion installation)
  • Once you are done, click Submit

Now all that out of the way, let’s download CLion.

Downloading CLion

Installing CLion

  • Install CLion like you would install any other windows program (double click downloaded .exe)
  • All the default settings should do just fine.

Activating CLion installation

  • Run the CLion installation
  • Accept the user agreement
  • You can either turn on or off the data sharing (You can help CLion developers by turning it on)
  • Skip remaining and Set defaults would be just fine
  • In the activation page, select JB Account (Stands for JetBrains Account – which we created earlier with your Gmail)
  • Enter that earlier entered username (or email) and password
  • Click Activate

Why CLion instead of CodeBlocks?


That’s it! That’s how to download and install CLion full version for free. Now you’ve got a CLion installation that would be free for 1 whole year. Congratulations! Start writing C (or C++) for that matter.

JetBrains give away not only CLion, but a whole other range of their products under this license. Check them out at

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