Simple booking app – Upwork job (Only public details displayed)

  • Phone number Sign-in.
  • Saving, updating of user info.
  • Allow users to book services.
  • Calculate available services based on already placed booking dates and times.
  • Booking history for each user.

Content-based app (Only public details displayed)

  • Google, Email Sign-in.
  • Integrated music player, video streaming player.
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore integration.
  • Allows users to listen to music and player videos (metadata like titles, urls and playlists etc. of these media could be customized from Firebase Console without editing source code)

Community-based interactive app (Only public details displayed)

  • Google Sign-in
  • Save user details and performance scores. (Performance scores calculated using a popular mathematical model)
  • See performance details of other users.
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore integration.
  • Integrated app feedback functionality.

A simple app for an IoT project (Hobby project)

  • Email Sign-in.
  • Save and update data to Firebase Realtime Database.

A simple accounting software (Hobby project)

  • Store details of inventory of a small business.
  • Update the inventory when recording a sale.
  • Calculate the profit & loss statement based on the current details.
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore integration.


A website which lets users post posts online (Only public details displayed)

  • MEAN-based web app.
  • Angular and ‘Material Design’ are used.
  • User registration using JWT tokens.
  • MongoDB integration.
  • Allow users to post live comments using ‘Pusher’ service.
  • View Demo (Under development)